My Github pages

My Github pages

Hi, After a decade of Java developpement, I was upset by the slow evolution of Java, I switch to nodeJS for my new project. It was hard to give up years of Java experience.

So I early adopted Typescript to keep strict typing; that was not easy at the time, because most projects had no typing.

Since, I convert to typescript most of the project I use if I do not find a proper typing in DefinitelyTyped.

Within the almost 100 projects that I converted to typescript, 99% of them had bug reval by converting them to Typescript.

There is some of my forked project

Personal public projects

Project name Description
voicemaker-api Use TTS from nodejs project, give access to voicemaker TTS engine.
proxmox-api A super easy api to control Proxmox server
proxmox-usb-hotplug Transforme a Proxmox server to a usable PC/Mac, by adding hotplug USB devices to a main VM
zombie-plugin A sandbox Chrome plugin that can do mostly anything except :coffee:, (Set proxy, read QR-code on screen, run automatic test, archive cookies…)
api-ovh-node A massive signle repo, containing my OVH-Cloud API SDK
ovh-bill-importer Export your OVH-Cloud billing for your accounting.
ovh-cleaner Cleanup you OVH-Cloud Account
ovh-telephony-dump-consumption Download OVH-Cloud current month telephony consumption
ovh-dump-telephony Simply dump your OVH-Cloud telephony services
ovh-dynhost2 Maintain an Dynamic Dns Host IP value, or a regular DNS entry with a 60 sec TTL
ovh-move-failover Command line utility to move your IP-Failover on OVH-Cloud server
ovh-telephony-events Import OVH-Cloud Api Events to a queueing service (Redis) so it can be easily integrate to your system
ovh-upload-doc CLI tool to upload document to an OVH bucket
ovh-vps-config-failover Quickly configure OVH-Cloud Server IP-Failover
node-dev-input-reader Read input from /dev/input/* on a linux Host for Action triggering (I use it to switch OS on my Proxmox Desktop PCs)
webRobotJS Controls your mouse / keyboard with http.Requests
yealink Controls your Yealink phone from you node.project
puppeteer-jquery Use JQuery selector in your Putteter Code with the same syntax you would use a browser.
playwright-jquery Use JQuery selector in your Playwright Code with the same syntax you would use a browser.
@u4/prime Because Prime number generator on NPM are all :shit:, I had to make my own.
mitemp2prometheus Export Xiaomi Bluetooth thermometer data to an Prometheus server. This one is python :expressionless:
FtpArchiveCleaner A simple FTP Archive cleaner to respond to “I want to Keep a X Backup a week, Y backup a month, Z backup a Year.” that should be use as a job interview question
mirror-selector Lib to find the best link to access a service.
serve4code Integrate a webcallback to a non web project.
@u4/spice Manage hundruds of VM on multiple proxmox (No documentation yet, some generalisation needed + need to publish source code).
@u4/http-proxy An Http proxy server in typescript.
@u4/tinyrequest Tiny Http Request Helper for nodejs, to build small webpacked js script 300Ko smaller that common packages.
wireguard key manager Bash script to create and manage wireguard keys

Forked projects

Project name Description change merged
rpio-pwm Access GPIO Make It works with nodeJS 8+ add support for RGBW strip No
robotjs Emulate keyboard / mouse Change calls return to give duration in ms. No
rpi-ws281x Control ws281x chips a raspberry pi Upgrade native code to works with nodeJS 8+ No
commander.js MERGED the famous commander.JS Improve Typing Yes
chromeExtensionAsync Typing for Chrome browser Add some missing call in typing No
node-worker-threads-pool-ts Use worker in threads pool Add progress events / convert to typescript No
node-dhcp A pure NodeJS DHCP server Convert to Typescript and rewrite most of the code on Hold
adbkit An Android-Device-Bridge wrapper for Nodejs Convert to Typescript and make it more Object Oriented Yes
telephony-example-cti-dashboard A website monitor OVH-Cloud VOIP Lines Convert to Typescript to make it more readable Discontinued
reganam An OVH-Cloud dashboard convert to Typsecript to plug it to my OVH-Cloud API, and test React No
alpine-ts An apache log parser convert to Typsecript + reduce bundle size + add features No
puppeteer-extra Plugins for puppeter convert to Typsecript + adding features, PRs in progress… inProgress
github:UrielCh/ejs Embedded JavaScript templates Add i18n feature keeping ejs file size unchanged No
@u4/adbkit Android Device Bridge for NodeJs Converted to Typescript + add features Yes + hard fork
@u4/opencv-build opencv build helper for NodeJs Enforce Typescript code, + big changes official fork :+1:
@u4/opencv4nodejs nodeJS Wrapper for OpenCV Convert project to typescript + extend project official fork :+1:
@u4/beamcoder nodejs Wrapper for ffmpeg lib Converted to typescript inProgress

Web-Services / internal project

Project address Description stack status tracker build for yealink phones, make it easy to connect VOIP to a CRM TS / nestJS / Redis / mongoDB in production
gophone Capture an push IP captured data to a REDIS stream GOlang retired
dootab kiosk mode for android with content sync, for restaurant usage Android / Java retired
visual V1 interface to display VOIP activity based on network captered IP data JS / AngularJs 1.3 / Bootstrap / JQuery retired V1 REST API collect OVH VOIP events Java / Kafka / Mysql / pcap retired
visual V2 interface to display VOIP activity based on network captered IP data TS / express / redis / bitbucket retired v2 REST API collect OVH VOIP events TS / express / mongoDB / handlebars retired V3 sample interface to display your event TS / vuejs 3 / tailwindCSs in production v3 API to imprort and request Ovh request TS / nestJS / mongoDB / ejs in production
— rec-viewer — Interface to search / listen / comment records from Angular 5 / primeNG / bitbucket deprecated Rules based fraud-click programe, working without external server, detect most fraud, generate Execl files + IPs block list TS internal only
—no name— Nodejs automation script to controle multiple phones. TS / levelDB / openCV / adb / tesseract internal only
—dyn-proxy— Smart whitelist based http-proxy used to secure office intranet (need need to be convert to public service) TS / fastify / jQuery / Bootstrap internal only
—workspaces— Proxmox + RDP + raspberry pi + dyn-proxy + PXE low cost highly secure office environnement (to be convert for pupic usage) TS / iptables / dnsmasq / bash internal only
–u4-dhcp-office– Nodejs bundle httpproxy + dhcpserver + backoffice + iptables + ip route (iptables / ip helper …) TS / express / jQuery / Bootstrap to publish
playImap receives and recognize voice mail and push message in base for further usage TS / Google cloud / ffmpeg deprecated
code-reader receives and recognize code send to your phone when you do not have you phone TS / Google cloud / ffmpeg in production
tel-rotate monitor callcenter incomming call, and change lines configuration depending on call volume, can also change public number on website TS / voicemaker-api in production

Java projects from a distant past

Project name Description
json-smart-v2 A JSON parser for JAVA
json-smart-v1 A JSON parser for JAVA
ovh-java-sdk An API client for OVH-Cloud
enhanced-vnc-thumbnail-viewer Forcked version of a muti-VNC viewer with bug Fixed


daily used npm libs


My PGP public sign: 0x1D0690E353BE126D