My Github pages

My Github pages

Hi, After a decade of Java developpement, I was upset by the slow evolution of Java, I switch to nodeJS for my new project. It was hard to give up years of Java experience.

So I early adopted Typescript to keep strict typing; that was not easy at the time, because most projects had no typing.

Since, I convert to typescript most of the project I use if I do not find a proper typing in DefinitelyTyped.

Within the almost 100 projects that I converted to typescript, 99% of them had bug reval by converting them to Typescript.

There is some of my forked project

Personal public projects

Project name Description
voicemaker-api Use TTS from nodejs project, give access to voicemaker TTS engine.
proxmox-api A super easy api to control Proxmox server
proxmox-usb-hotplug Transforme a Proxmox server to a usable PC/Mac, by adding hotplug USB devices to a main VM
zombie-plugin A sandbox Chrome plugin that can do mostly anything except :coffee:, (Set proxy, read QR-code on screen, run automatic test, archive cookies…)
api-ovh-node A massive signle repo, containing my OVH-Cloud API SDK
ovh-bill-importer Export your OVH-Cloud billing for your accounting.
ovh-cleaner Cleanup you OVH-Cloud Account
ovh-telephony-dump-consumption Download OVH-Cloud current month telephony consumption
ovh-dump-telephony Simply dump your OVH-Cloud telephony services
ovh-dynhost2 maintain an Dynamic Dns Host IP value, or a regular DNS entry with a 60 sec TTL
ovh-move-failover Command line utility to move your IP-Failover on OVH-Cloud server
ovh-telephony-events Import OVH-Cloud Api Events to a queueing service (Redis) so it can be easily integrate to your system
ovh-upload-doc CLI tool to upload document to an OVH bucket
ovh-vps-config-failover quickly configure OVH-Cloud Server IP-Failover
node-dev-input-reader Read input from /dev/input/* on a linux Host for Action triggering (I use it to switch OS on my Proxmox Desktop PCs)
webRobotJS controls your mouse / keyboard with http Requests
yealink controls your Yealink phone from you node project
puppeteer-jquery Use JQuery selector in your Putteter Code with the same syntax you would use a browser.
playwright-jquery Use JQuery selector in your Playwright Code with the same syntax you would use a browser.
prime-js Because Prime number generator on NPM are all :shit:, I had to make my own.
mitemp2prometheus Export Xiaomi Bluetooth thermometer data to an Prometheus server. This one is python :expressionless:
FtpArchiveCleaner A simple FTP Archive cleaner to respond to “I want to Keep a X Backup a week, Y backup a month, Z backup a Year.” that should be use as a job interview question
mirror-selector Lib to find the best link to access a service
serve4code Integrate a webcallback to a non web project

Forked projects

Project name Description change merged
rpio-pwm Access GPIO Make It works with nodeJS 8+ add support for RGBW strip No
robotjs Emulate keyboard / mouse Change calls return to give duration in ms. No
rpi-ws281x Control ws281x chips a raspberry pi Upgrade native code to works with nodeJS 8+ No
commander.js MERGED the famous commander.JS Improve Typing Yes
chromeExtensionAsync Typing for Chrome browser Add some missing call in typing No
node-worker-threads-pool-ts Use worker in threads pool Add progress events / convert to typescript No
node-dhcp A pure NodeJS DHCP server Convert to Typescript and rewrite most of the code on Hold
adbkit An Android-Device-Bridge wrapper for Nodejs Convert to Typescript and make it more Object Oriented Yes
telephony-example-cti-dashboard A website monitor OVH-Cloud VOIP Lines Convert to Typescript to make it more readable Discontinued
reganam An OVH-Cloud dashboard convert to Typsecript to plug it to my OVH-Cloud API, and test React No
alpine-ts An apache log parser convert to Typsecript + reduce bundle size + add features No
puppeteer-extra plugins for puppeter convert to Typsecript + adding features, PRs in progress… inProgress

Java projects from a distant past

Project name Description
json-smart-v2 A JSON parser for JAVA
json-smart-v1 A JSON parser for JAVA
ovh-java-sdk An API client for OVH-Cloud
enhanced-vnc-thumbnail-viewer Forcked version of a muti-VNC viewer with bug Fixed

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